Centre de la Mer

Centre de la Mer

CDLM consults and accompanies you in the realization of your projects

To maintain the use of your vessels, regular and efficient maintenance is necessary. CDLM offers several types of services on ships, some of which are approved by the Bureaux Veritas and ABS.

Centre de la Mer is specializes in about ten fluvio-maritimes works, from inspection to construction. Its team can intervene throughout West Africa.

Centre de la Mer is regularly involved in the assistance, maintenance and construction of hydrocarbon, ammonia, acid and water pipelines.

Maritime signaling consists of all the devices put in place to assist maritime navigation.

In Senegal, the sea advances from 1 to 1.33m per year, which constitutes a real threat to infrastructure and populations near the sea. Construction of breakwaters is essential for the Senegalese coast.

CDLM can intervene during damage or accident thanks to its sea depollution equipment such as floating dam and suction equipment (skimming).

Centre De La Mer - Dakar Senegal

Underwater Survey & Marine works

Thanks to the passion and creativity of our employees we have been able to extend our fields of expertise and are now offering more than 17 port, river and marine services focusing on the requirements of our customers.