Founded in 2003 Centre de la Mer  (CDLM) is a marine works and survey contractor involved in marine and river construction or maintenance works, based in Dakar, Senegal.   

In the begining specialized in studies and inspection, CDLM is now offering more than 17 port, river and marine services, focusing on the requirements of our customers.

With more than than fifty full-time employees, including port engineers, INPP Class II divers, CAD technicians, certified welders and mechanics, we are commited to offer high-quality and timely services.

The availability and mobility of our teams as well as our international network allows us to be shortly available everywhere in West Africa.

Our diversified and high quality equipment enable us to bring innovative and high-performance solutions to each of our projects.

From the design study to the development of a project the Centre de la Mer and all of its staff, takes into great consideration the environmental and social aspects.